A number of people will be arrested and jailed in Salisbury - all in the name of charity. 

Salisbury Hospice Charity is hosting its 'Jail & Bail' event on Friday, June 7, to raise funds for their valuable services. 

At 10.30am, five people will be charged and sentenced by the judge at the Guildhall, before being escorted to 'prison' aka Live Escape Rooms Salisbury. 

Each prisoner will be given a prison uniform to wear and they will remain imprisoned all day until they raise the 'bail money', a total of £999.

Each prisoner will be allowed to use their phones to make calls, send emails and promote on social media to help raise funds. All of the money raised will go towards Salisbury Hospice Charity.

Services offered by the hospice include nursing and medical care, emotional and practical support, occupational and physiotherapy and bereavement support. 

Who is being jailed? 

Five people have signed themselves up to be imprisoned in jail all day on Friday. 

Craig Hicks has been sentenced by his colleagues at Salisbury Radio for stealing all the chocolate biscuits. He has pleased not guilty. 

Staff at Tesco have sent Patrick Pierce down for 'chronic habitual tardiness'. He has denied his crime.

Brighter Days Care have sentenced two colleagues, Zena Embleton and Emma Belcher. Emma has pleaded guilty to 'confectionary coercion' while Zena has admitted that she is a 'sugar rush robber'.

A fifth, a mystery person known as Prisoner SJHk001, will also be sentenced. Their identity will remain a secret until Friday.