Old-school drivers in Marlborough are celebrating after new parking machines are being introduced into the town – with the option to pay cash.

The announcement comes after payment machines in the George Lane and Waitrose car parks were found broken in April, meaning that drivers were unable to pay using coins.

Residents who were being encouraged to pay using the MiPermit app faced countless issues and hundreds flocked to social media in frustration.

“Lots of elderly people don’t know how to use their phones other than to make a call,” explained resident Rachel Laver.

“I saw loads of elderly people confused and unable to work out how to pay, along with some foreign tourists. Some just went home.”

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Some locals say they stopped using car parks after struggling to pay using MiPermitSome locals say they stopped using car parks after struggling to pay using MiPermit (Image: Newsquest)

A lack of signal in the town for Vodaphone users also caused issues as residents would insert their bank details only for the app to crash before the payment could go through as confirmed.

Marlborough resident Margaret Blacker said she found the machines to be so frustrating she would often take the bus instead of “wasting time in the car park”.

After months of issue new cash parking machines are on their way.

The new machines are part of a £380,000 county-wide investment by Wiltshire Council to improve parking services.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Car parks across Wiltshire have faced similar problems after a spate of vandalism.Car parks across Wiltshire have faced similar problems after a spate of vandalism. (Image: Newsquest)

“It’s taken too long but I’m pleased to be able to say that parking ticket machines in Wiltshire Council car parks in town are scheduled for replacement in the week beginning July 8,” confirmed Cllr Caroline Thomas.

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“The new machines will still take cash, unlike in many other council areas, plus cards, MiPermit and card payment by telephone. All bases covered.”

According to Cllr Thomas, this delay in replacing the machines has been the result of a contractor who made three legal challenges, and unforeseen supply chain issues.

The new machines will be solar or sustainably powered, in an attempt to also meet the council’s climate commitments as well as its commitment to residents. 

"The upgraded machines will be installed over the next few months, with installation prioritised in those car parks where the machines have been highlighted as more liable to break down and needing repairs,” added Cllr Nick Holder, cabinet member for highways.

"We look forward to seeing the new machines up and running and hope these new payment machines will help make the process of paying for parking much easier for customers."