Traders say a Wiltshire town centre is “healthy and well supported” despite several businesses closing their doors this year.

In recent months, multiple businesses have left Devizes town centre, or announced they plan to leave, including national chains like Vodafone and Clarks.

Independent cafes like Tonka Bean have also shut their doors and owner Abrilli Phillip said the impact of the cost of living crisis contributed to a lack of consistent trade.

The recent closures have sparked some concerns among residents who fear for other businesses in the area.

Natalie Moorhouse said: “It’s really worrying when even the big chains can’t survive in a town. Such a shame.”

Shirley Clarke added: “It's because people shop online. I try not to in order to keep actual shops open.”

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The closed Tonka Bean cafeThe closed Tonka Bean cafe (Image: Newsquest)

However, multiple traders said the town centre is “thriving” thanks to consistent support for independents despite the financial challenges shoppers face.

One of these business owners was Victoria Harvey, who runs Pins and Needles on Snuff Street.

She said: “I would say whereas other the last two years folks haven’t seemed too worried about the cost of living, it does seem to be biting a little bit deeper now.

“People are being a little bit more careful, but Devizes folk are very loyal, there’s definitely something about Devizes town centre where people like to be here and appreciate what we have.

“We’re very lucky with the support we get for independents, people have a mindset of use it so they don’t lose it.”

While some traders have left Devizes this year, several others have opened their doors.

These include The Fine Barber Co, Katy Wilkinson Jewellery, and The Blossom Tree flower and gift store.

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Brittox, DevizesThe Brittox, Devizes (Image: Newsquest)

Only a handful of units in the area, including the former Wilko and the old Naan Guru takeaway have sat empty for a significant period of time.

Ms Harvey believes the influx of new stores when others shut points to a “healthy” town centre.

She added: “It’s a healthy town centre and if you go somewhere else you realise that, otherwise I wouldn’t have my business here.

“Devizes isn’t full of empty shop units, businesses might close for whatever reason but there’s not a lack of trade and other businesses will seek out those units.

“It’s a great town centre, it’s really good.”