A driver who was pulled over by Wiltshire Police for using his phone at the wheel denies ever having a phone.

Wiltshire Police's Road Unit was out patrolling the county's roads on Wednesday morning, May 29 as part of the force's 'Project Zero' which aims to clamp down on motoring offences, when they caught sight of one offender.

The officers saw a driver using his phone while at the wheel and were able to catch the man on camera before pulling him over to speak with him.

When asked about the offence, the driver denied even having a phone.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The driver denies ever having a phone.The driver denies ever having a phone. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

"Our eyes must have been deceiving us, and the camera footage wrong," said a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police.

Needless to say, the Road Policing Unit didn't buy his story and the driver was subsequently reported.

Wiltshire Police has once again urged road users to avoid committing what they call the 'Fatal Five' offences. These include speeding, drink/drug driving, driving without a seatbelt, using a phone whilst driving and careless driving.