Two cars have been stolen in Melksham leading to a police appeal for information.

The cars a Mercedes on Mint Grove and a BMW on Speedwell Road were reported as stolen in the early hours of Monday, May 27.

Wiltshire Police are now appealing for any Ring doorbell or CCTV footage that may assist investigations.

A police spokesperson said: “We have had two reports of cars stolen in Melksham in the early hours of Monday the 27th of May.  

“A Mercedes at Mint Grove, Melksham and a BMW at Speedwell Road, Melksham.  

“If you have any Ring doorbell or  CCTV footage that may assist, please call 101 and quote 54240061175.”

The force also added tips to avoid car thieves. 

These include ensuring all keyless fobs are protected in the same way that the main key is protected. 

If rarely used, to consider removing the battery from spare keys so fewer examples of the same key frequency are emitted for keyless car thieves to capture.

It adds that bollards and driveway gates, in conjunction with other measures, make your car less attractive to steal.

Other measure include appropriate insurance cover, home CCTV, vehicle tracking devices, physical equipment locks, and checking the location of keys when not in use.