More than 100 people put on their running shoes to take part in the Marlborough Downs Challenge.

The event, organised by race director Rob Pyle and the Marlborough Running Club, takes place annually in May and this year 160 runners took on the 20-mile and 33-mile races.

The 33-mile race is longer than a marathon (26.2-miles), and switches out smooth tarmacked road for Wiltshire's muddy off-road tracks and over 3,000ft of climbing.

"It was one of the toughest things I've ever taken on," said runner Jamie Woodland.

"Total respect to the people that run these distances week in, week out. My body is broken, my mind not far behind," Jamie added.

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The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Jamie and Cat ran a whopping 33 miles across Wiltshire.Jamie and Cat ran a whopping 33 miles across Wiltshire. (Image: Jamie Woodland)

With supported from around 30 marshalls, the race takes in some of the best views Wiltshire has to offer, including Knapp Hill and Tan Hill,  two of the highest points in Wiltshire.

Participants of the 33-mile race ran for between four hours and 7.5 hours and Edward Knudsen from Avon Valley Runners took first place, followed by Alex Stainthorpe from Calne Running Club and Peter Holden.

The 20 mile-race, which is by no means the easy option, lasted between two and 5.5 hours. Charles Ford took the first-place trophy, with Christopher Brobin from Stubbington Green Runners in second and Michael Gregory in third.

All runners received a hand-thrown White Horse Pottery mug and a free HotPod Yoga class to mark their incredible achievement.