A man with short blonde hair is wanted by Wiltshire Police.

A public appeal has been released, with police asking for help to locate Evan Jewers, 26. 

Jewers is wanted in connection with theft offences and failing to appear before court. 

He was due to appear before Salisbury Magistrates Court on April 17 facing eight counts of theft that had allegedly all taken place in various Sainsbury's supermarkets in the county across last year. 

The value of the goods stolen during these occasions, which included meat and alcohol, totalled £740.50. 

Jewers issued an indicated guilty plea during a hearing in January, but after failing to attend the hearing in April, a warrant was issued for his arrest.

A picture has been released of him to help members of the public identify him. 

It is understood that he has links to Marlborough and Trowbridge.

"Anyone with information about him should call us on 101 quoting log 54240025321," a police spokesperson said.