The driver of a Mercedes who was caught speeding at 100mph told police they just 'needed the toilet'.

Wiltshire's Road Policing Unit was out patrolling the county's roads on Wednesday morning, April 24, when they spotted one driver travelling at an incredible speed down the A4 near Calne.

Roadside speed detectors found that the driver was travelling at 100mph in a 60mph zone at Cherhill.

But when officers managed to catch up with the Mercedes, the driver told police they were only speeding because they "needed the toilet."

Sharing a photo from the scene on X (formerly known as Twitter), the Wiltshire Police unit was quick to point out that the driver had only just left their house when they were caught by police.

"Wiltshire Roads Police unit caught this speeding Mercedes on the A4 Cherhill this morning," said a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police.

"The driver was issued some paperwork for the offence."