Three sisters are celebrating 10 years at the helm of an award-winning Wiltshire dental practice.

Ten years ago, Dr Gwynnifer Henning opened the doors of the newly rebranded Urchfont Dental Care practice, where she had previously worked.

She is now the owner and principal dentist at the centre and runs the business with the help of her two sisters.

Seanan Thomas is the deputy manager and head nurse while Lyndall Henning-Marsh is the practice manager.

The trio are now celebrating a decade in charge of the village practice, which was established nearly half a century ago.

Mrs Thomas said: “Suddenly 10 years have flown by, and it feels really good, we’ve made it work and had a lovely team over the years.

“Even though it’s a small surgery we have a strong team, and we all get on really well.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Gwynnifer Henning, Lyndall Henning-Marsh, and Seanan Thomas on the 10th anniversaryGwynnifer Henning, Lyndall Henning-Marsh, and Seanan Thomas on the 10th anniversary (Image: Urchfont Dental)

The head nurse added that the bond between her and her sisters has helped them through challenging moments.

“There’s been ups and downs, but we try to keep everyone happy”, she added.

“It’s really good because we trust each other to do the best we can and there’s no arguments because we get on really well.

“We do things as a team and have got through some tough times.”

During their time running the practice, the team has taken on more patients than ever before and built an extra surgery to accommodate this rise in demand.

Despite this addition, the practice is currently not taking on any new patients, either private or NHS, due to high demand.

This policy is set to be reviewed during the summer months.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Urchfont Dental teamThe Urchfont Dental team (Image: Urchfont Dental)

The practice has a small NHS contract and primarily uses this to focus on younger patients.

They have won several prestigious awards, including Best Child-Friendly Practice.

Mrs Henning-Marsh says making the practice more accessible and embedding it in the heart of village life have been key priorities.

She added: “We have worked hard to make our practice welcoming and accessible to people from all walks of life, with a particular focus on making things easier and less daunting for children and nervous patients.

“It is a very special and unusual thing to be a dental practice in a rural village.

“We have always understood that we are more than just a business.

“We are part of a thriving local community and we work hard to play our part in helping the heart of the village to keep beating strongly.”