A Wiltshire fly-poster who put up posters advertising a nightclub venue has been taken to court and made to pay over £1,000 for his actions.

Although putting up paper may seem harmless, advertising events in public areas without permission from the property owner is an illegal offence and can lead to thousands in fines.

Chris Freeman, of Magister Road in Melksham, was taken to court by Wiltshire Council and pleaded guilty to nine counts of fly-posting on road signs and pedestrian crossings across Wiltshire.

A total of 52 of his posters advertising Venom Nightclub's events in Westbury were removed by the council following complaints.

The fly-poster has now been given a 24-month conditional discharge and ordered to pay £1,465 in costs for his crimes.

Cllr Nick Holder, Cabinet Member for Transport and Street Scene, said: “We’re committed to reducing fly-posting in Wiltshire, and this prosecution is part of our wider clampdown on this unsightly blight on our communities.

“Since November 2023, we have removed 517 posters and flyers and issued 65 warning letters to fly-posters throughout the county – and we’ll continue to take action.

“Fly-posting is a recurring problem that has a detrimental effect on the environment in Wiltshire and it costs the council thousands of pounds each year to remove.

“This successful prosecution sends a clear message that anyone who does fly-posts in Wiltshire runs the risk of prosecution and fines.”