Two brothers who took over a uniquely named pub in Wiltshire are continuing to do their father proud by offering warm hearty food and an even warmer atmosphere.

The Who'd A Thought It is a traditional village pub located in Lockeridge, just off the A4 at Marlborough, and many locals view it as Wiltshire's best-kept secret.

Its name is said to originate from the locals' reaction when the original owner opened the pub despite being told she would never get a licence as a woman and with a pre-existing pub in the village.

The pub, which is owned by Wadworth, was taken over by brothers Alex and Vard and their father Ian in September 2019.

But the Lockeridge village community was shaken when Ian passed away suddenly from a heart attack on Friday, July 28, 2023.

Ever since their father's death, Alex and Vard have been determined to continue the village pub's stellar reputation in his honour.

With a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor and customers declaring it "everything a pub should be", we feel confident in saying that the brother duo have done exactly that.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Vard, Alex and Ian celebrating the reopening of their pub in 2019.Vard, Alex and Ian celebrating the reopening of their pub in 2019. (Image: The Who'd A Thought It)

"We had enormous support from all the locals and regulars after Dad's death. The sheer number of people offering to help in any way they can was amazing," said Alex.

"His memory lives on in the pub in so many ways. We have a bookshelf in one corner full of his books as he amassed thousands of books, and donations go to his charity, the Motor Neurone Disease Association."

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Who'd A Thought It is located just off the A4 near Marlborough.The Who'd A Thought It is located just off the A4 near Marlborough. (Image: The Who'd A Thought It)

Alex, the youngest of the brothers and landlord of the pub, has been a chef in Wiltshire and Oxfordshire for more than a decade and prides himself on sourcing the very best local food.

His brother Vard, a "self-confessed petrolhead", runs the front of house and has been running pubs for several years before taking on the 'The Who'd A'.

Alex and Vard's mother Helen is also credited for keeping the building spotless every morning.

The traditional eighteenth-century pub is only a stone's throw from West Woods and bluebell fields, and the establishment offers a great selection of pub food, fine wine and cask ales on offer.

But while customers have described the food as "high-quality produce cooked to perfection", it's clear that what makes this pub unique is its warm atmosphere built on family love.

"It’s a truly family-run business as the only full-time staff are me and my family," said Alex.

"We’re very keen on everything being made in-house, down to the bread baked each morning. I don’t think I know any other pubs around here that do that."