Wiltshire Council has responded after staff were criticised for parking “inconsiderately.”

A council vehicle was parked in a disabled bay near The Bridge House pub in Chippenham, on Saturday, April 13, while the driver assisted a resident with severe mobility issues.

David Pryce, a local who spotted the vehicle and couldn’t see a blue badge, posted a picture on Facebook, leading many to condemn the driver for leaving a wheel over the parking bay line.

Many other Facebook users rushed to defend the council, labelling its assistance service “great.”

Mr Pryce said: “It’s a joke. I know now that they may have been dropping off disabled people and need room.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: A Wiltshire Council vehicle parked with one wheel on the line in ChippenhamA Wiltshire Council vehicle parked with one wheel on the line in Chippenham (Image: David Pryce)

“But they should have straightened the van up afterward and made sure it was compliant with a disabled pass on view.”

The council insists a badge was displayed and says staff have been reminded to leave room for others while parking.

A spokesperson said: “The vehicle was driven by a member of staff who was supporting three residents, one with severe mobility issues, to access local shops over the weekend.

“The badge was displayed on the dashboard, however, the view may have been obscured. 

“We've spoken to the member of staff and reminded them to take extra care when parking, ensuring that they allow plenty of room for others.”