A “unique” new independent jewellery store has officially opened in a Wiltshire town centre.

Katy Wilkinson Jewellery opened its doors at Old Swan Yard, in Devizes High Street, on Wednesday, April 10, following a studio launch evening the previous day.

The new store has filled a unit that had previously been occupied by Taylor’s Clearances and All About the Music but has been vacant for several months.

Katy, the owner of the business, told this paper that opening her own premises in the town centre was the culmination of decades of work.

She added: “I was making jewellery from home in my garage workshop for quite a long time and selling at markets and online.

“I was working from Tundra Jewellers but when he closed after Christmas I needed to find new premises.

“It’s exciting and a bit surreal because it’s been 20 years of building up to this point since I started with a degree in jewellery and silversmithing.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Inside Katy Wilkinson JewelleryInside Katy Wilkinson Jewellery (Image: Katy Wilkinson Jewellery)

“I set up my own business and a few years ago I went full-time, now I’ve got my premises… it’s humbling but I’m proud of myself.”

Katy will be offering handmade one-of-a-kind silver and gold jewellery from the shop and will also make jewellery on commission at her in-house workstation.

She also runs jewellery-making workshops that members of the public can take part in.

Katy has been left overwhelmed by the early “whirlwind” of support for the new shop.

“The launch evening was really busy and bustling”, she said.

“The first day was really nice and was quite busy in the morning, it’s good to have the support from the local community already and I think people are excited something different is happening.

“I think what I’m offering is unique because I only sell my jewellery that I make and I’m also able to offer the workshops.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Katy at Katy Wilkinson JewelleryKaty at Katy Wilkinson Jewellery (Image: Katy Wilkinson Jewellery)

Katy was able to take on the unit thanks to a grant from Wiltshire Council that aims to help fill vacant commercial properties across the county.

She hopes that the strong community support for local businesses in Devizes will help her new venue thrive.

She added: “Old Swan Yard is lovely, it’s my kind of style and the product compliments other things in the area.

“It’s just a nice place and I’ve grown to love it, it’s a nice unit to take on, and people in Devizes are generally drawn to independent businesses so it’s nice to be in that hub.”