Two former school friends from Wiltshire are hoping to “transform the local coffee scene” by launching their new business.

Chippenham natives Rob Gough and Richard Board are set to officially launch Goughees Coffee Co on Saturday, April 20, at the Dumb Post Inn in Bremhill, near Calne.

The pub, which is owned by Mr Board, will host a mobile coffee unit that serves hot drinks from a converted Land Rover Defender.

While the 4x4 will initially be stationed at The Dumb Post Inn, serving specialty coffee, artisan teas, and hot chocolate, it will also be used to cater local events and weddings throughout the county.

Mr Gough hopes the new business will offer coffee lovers in Wiltshire something different from what is already in the area.

He said: "We are thrilled to introduce Goughees Coffee Co to the community.

“We saw the Land Rover and thought it looked quite a good opportunity, because we were friends we decided to join forces on it.

“I always wanted to do something different and it just made sense… it’s about giving a luxury offering.

“We want to offer something different, when you do barista training and learn a bit more you realise there’s a complex science to it and that’s what we want to offer to customers.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Rob Gough (left) and Richard Board (rights) of Goughees Coffee CoRob Gough (left) and Richard Board (rights) of Goughees Coffee Co (Image: Rob Gough)

Mr Gough, who has 23 years of experience in the watch industry, and pub landlord Mr Board have been friends since attending Sheldon School in Chippenham together.

The pair’s shared love of coffee inspired them to team up and start a new independent business.

Over the last eight months, they have been working to get the project off the ground by “immersing themselves in the world of coffee.”

Mr Gough added: “We’re both born and bred here and from a personal aspect we get to work together and have a bit of a laugh.

“I’m nervous because it’s on our own doorstep and we ultimately don’t know if anyone will turn up yet.

“But it’s exciting because it’s a new venture and we’ve done plenty of trial runs to make sure everything works.

“It’s an opportunity to see if there’s a market for this and see if we can make a success of it.”

The launch event will showcase the team’s offerings from 10am until midday.

After that customers can make booking enquiries or get information from the @Gougheescoffee Instagram page.