A dog owner who left her pet's poo on the floor on several occasions has been punished by police.

Wiltshire Police finally took action after the person in question was observed by CCTV failing to clean up after their dog on several occasions spanning multiple weeks. 

Her dog was spotted fouling in the shopping area of Phelps Parade, The High Street, outside Sainsbury’s and near the public toilets in The Pippin and each time the owner, from Calne, had failed to clean up the mess each time.

CCTV was provided by Calne Town Council to police with clear CCTV footage of this happening on several occasions.

Last week, PCSO Mark Cook attended the home address of the dog owner where a community resolution was used to deal with this matter.

The condition of the resolution was that the owner will take part in a responsible dog ownership course provided by the Blue Cross dog charity.

PCSO Mark Cook says: “Calne town Council CCTV raised this matter to us after they had been made aware of this issue from town council staff, who had been cleaning up the dog mess over recent weeks in locations where pedestrians and children would be walking.

“Understandably, it’s not a pleasant task up for council staff to clean this up, and even less so if a child or pedestrian were to step in it.

“We hope the action taken here shows we will act appropriately when evidence is presented to us.

“This is also a good example of Calne CCTV working in partnership with the Calne Neighbourhood Police Team to keep our town a nice place to live.”

Since the visit from PCSO Cook, Calne Town Council CCTV has observed the same dog owner who has now been cleaning up after her dog.

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