High winds and storms in Wiltshire have caused a tree to come crashing down onto a car near Calne.

Wiltshire Police were alerted to the fallen tree on the A3012 near Hilmarton as high winds from Storm Kathleen caused chaos on the road on Saturday, April 6.

Officers attending the scene were able to divert traffic until the tree was cleared and at first believed that all cars had come away unscathed.

"Many thanks to everyone who assisted us yesterday in clearing a fallen tree from the A3102 near Hilmarton," said a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police.

"Thankfully the tree didn’t fall on any passing vehicles."

But further investigation has revealed that a car which was parked in a nearby layby had been hit by the fallen tree, but made off soon after officers arrived.

"It fell directly onto my car, causing significant damage," said the driver of the car.

"There was no way to avoid it, the car slid onto the verge, partly as I steered, partly as the tree threw the car sideways.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The fallen tree has reportedly caused 'significant damage' to one car.The fallen tree has reportedly caused 'significant damage' to one car. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

"My wife was travelling with me, we stopped 100 yards down the road to let our shock subside, to check the car and to report the incident.

"We remained at that location to slow oncoming traffic approaching the bend where the tree had fallen for 25 minutes until the police arrived."

The road has now been cleared and the extent of damage to the car is unclear, but the motorist was able to drive his car the few miles back to his home.

PSCO Mark Cook of Wiltshire Police has now apologised to the driver for not registering the damaged car sooner and has urged any motorist who finds themselves in a similar situation to make themself known to police.

With Storm Kathleen's high winds set to continue throughout the weekend in Wiltshire, further damage and chaos from falling trees and flying debris is expected.

In Wiltshire, wind speeds were recorded as 45mph on Sunday morning (April 7) and are expected to remain in the 40s range until 6pm in the evening.

Although there is no formal weather warning for Wiltshire, these high-speed winds could still cause further damage across the county.

By Monday morning, Wiltshire residents can expect wind speeds to return to a regular 19mph as Storm Kathleen passes.