Rubbish piled up in a Mercedes stopped by police to the extent that its driver couldn't press the pedals.

Wiltshire Police's Road Policing Unit was out patrolling the county on the evening of Monday, April 1 and into the early hours of April 2 when they passed a Mercedes with broken headlights.

Officers pulled the driver over but when conducting a more thorough inspection, they found that the headlights weren't the only major safety issue.

According to Wiltshire Police, piles of rubbish had built up under the driver's feet and the pedals of the car couldn't be pushed due to a water bottle stuck underneath them.

This meant that the driver was unable to fully brake or accelerate.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Rubbish had been piling up under the driver's feet.Rubbish had been piling up under the driver's feet. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

On top of this, the Mercedes had five dash warning lights relating to tyre pressures and lights flashing when it was pulled over.

The driver of the car has now been issued a PG9 roadworthiness prohibition, which means that the car cannot be driven on any public road before it has successfully passed an MOT test.

PG9s are usually given out when vehicles are being affected by defects or mechanical problems.

"Let’s hope the driver takes note of the five dash warning messages relating to tyre pressures and lights," said a spokesperson for the Road Policing Unit.