It has been two years since the B4069 Lyneham Banks was closed to traffic after a landslip devastated the road. 

Now, new plans have been submitted that could see work finally beginning to bring the road back into use, if approved by Wiltshire Council. It is likely to cost around £5.9 million to rebuild the damaged section of road guard against future ground movements.

In the meantime, new photos have shown exactly what the destroyed route currently looks like. 

The short section of affected road is in pieces, some at jarring almost vertical angles. 

It has become overgrown with weeds bushes and other vegetation. 

The jig-sawed road surface itself has also been heavily covered in graffiti. 

If planning permission is granted, the council expects construction on repairing the road to begin in May 2024.

These works are expected to last between nine and 12 months, meaning the road could potentially reopen in 2025.

Lyneham councillor Alison Bucknall said: "It's important we get it right, and we want this to be fixed once.

"The plan is quite extensive and a huge amount of drainage work is planned in order to futureproof it.

"In fields either side, a herringbone of drainage will take water away.

"The replacement part of the road will be built on pillars, which is quite a major engineering project."