Have you ever wondered what your listening habits are?

Whether you're a hard-core heavy metal fan or listen to everything from pop, rap, classic, folk, rock and more, breaking down your listening habits is interesting.

Although, it might seem like an impossible task if you have endless playlists and your taste in music is always changing.

But, there's an exciting software that analyses your playlists in just moments with the Spotify Playlist Analyzer.

Available on Chosic, the free service aims to help users "easily find some useful information and interesting statistics about any Spotify playlist to get a better understanding of what kind of music you love."

Adding that while Spotify offers simple information on playlist followers count, the curator name, playlist length and song count, Spotify Playlist Analyzer goes deeper.

Here's how to use the software and learn more about your Spotify listening habits.

How to use Spotify Playlist Analyzer

You can access Spotify Playlist Analyzer via the website here.

To use the site, all you need to do is grab the link of the playlist you want to learn more about, which you can do by clicking share on the playlist on Spotify.

Then with the copied link, paste it into the Spotify Playlist Analyzer box, click on the analyze button and wait a few moments.

You can also log in to Spofity through the Chosic website and pick a playlist to analyze.

Then before you know it, the playlist will be analyzed with information on the top artists, key and genre in the playlist as well as moods.

What does the Spotify Playlist Analyzer do?

The Spotify Playlist Analyzer does a deep dive into your playlist and tells you the following information:

Playlist rating:

  • Total tracks number
  • Total Artists number
  • Total Followers number
  • The most common Genre
  • Most common artist
  • The average length of songs
  • Average BPM (Beats Per Minute)
  • Most common Key

Moods (Types of songs in the playlist)

  • Popularity 
  • Happiness 
  • Danceability 
  • Energy 
  • Acoustics 
  • Instrumentals 
  • Liveness 
  • Speechiness 

How does the playlist rating work on Spotify Playlist Analyzer

You can also find out how good your playlist is with Spotify Playlist Analyzer using the playlist rating option.


Playlists are rated by several factors, these are: 

  1. Not Repeating Artists: a good playlist usually has one song per artist. Rating will be low if artists repeat so many times.
  2. Genres: So many genres in a playlist will give it a low rating, the best is to focus on one or a few main genres in the playlist. You can check the main genres chart when you analyze a playlist.
  3. Variety of tracks' popularity: Good playlists usually have a mix of popular and non-popular songs in order to help listeners discover new music.
  4. Playlist length: We considered a good playlist length of 50 tracks at least, and there is no maximum length.

You can break down your playlists via the Spotify Playlist Analyzer website.