The victim of an alleged child sexual assault allegation has taken to the stand in Swindon in what is expected to be a week-long trial.

Stefon Winter, 72, is accused of two counts of indecent assault against a child in 1989 and the trial is being heard at Swindon Crown Court with Judge Jason Taylor presiding.

Jurors have heard a clip of the alleged victim give evidence to police of her alleged abuse which took place when she was just five.

She said Winter touched her inappropriately and penetrated her with his fingers on two occasions in the bath and in bed.

The incident, believed to have taken place between May and June of 1989, occurred while she was staying at the house of Winter in Melksham.

“She went to stay with Mr Winter while her mother was having an operation,” explained prosecutor Alexandra Bull.

“The first incident allegedly took place in the bath when the victim was only five years old.”

She detailed how Winter had abused her and that there was no discussion about it afterwards.

The second incident, which is believed to have taken place during the same stay, allegedly occurred in bed.

“She claims to have fallen asleep for a short time and she said Mr Winter then put one hand around her waist and put his other hand into her underwear,” the prosecutor added.

The victim told no one of the alleged incidents until six years later when her mother was given reason to believe Winter may have acted inappropriately and so asked her daughter about him.

In a video shown to the court from May 1995 when the victim, aged 11, was interviewed by police, she described Winter as a “big and smiley bloke.”

The victim in the video was asked graphic questions and then handed a stuffed teddy and asked to demonstrate what Winter allegedly did to her using her hands on the toy.

29 years on from that video, and 35 years on from the alleged sexual assault, the victim took to the stand in Swindon.

The woman said she remembers some small details differently than she did in her first police interview aged 11, and was cross-examined by defence lawyer Mr Pownall.

“In my original interview I recalled getting into the middle of the bed when the second incident took place, but I remember now that I was on the edge, with Mr Winter in the middle of me and his partner,” she told the court.

Explaining her changed memories, the victim added: “I believe when I gave my interview in 1995, aged 11, I had spent almost six years trying to forget what had happened.

“Since then, I have spent the best part of 30 years trying to remember.”

The trial continues.