Police have pledged to target “anti-social” and speeding drivers in a Wiltshire town.

During a question and answer session with officers from the Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey Neighbourhood Policing Teams, several residents raised concerns about speeding in and around Devizes.

In particular, locals highlighted New Park Street, Brickley Lane, and Bricksteed Avenue as areas where speeding traffic is reportedly a problem.

Some feel that many drivers do not respect the speed limits around the town during the evening.

Inspector Ben Huggins told residents the force would be targeting overnight “anti-social driving”.

He said: “That’s something we’re conscious of in every town and is unfortunately one of those things that can sometimes occur.

“The reality is the expectation on all the police officers we have is if we see individuals in cars behaving in an anti-social manner… we do try to enforce where we can.

“Particularly in the evening, historically last year we had a closure order on one of the car parks in Devizes but speeding is an issue that occurs around, Devizes, Marlborough and Pewsey, as it does in every town across Wiltshire.”

Sergeant Chris Wickham added police have been working with a community speed watch group to target offending drivers in Brickley Lane.

Officers will also be carrying out speed enforcement on Nursteed Road moving forward.