Police have issued a warning after members of the public allegedly gained access to “dangerous” disused mines in Wiltshire.

Officers have received reports that people recently entered the disused mines in Box Woods, on Quarry Hill.

The bat grills that block the mines were reportedly found to have been cut or dug under to gain access to the underground tunnels.

Police have warned locals and visitors that the mines are “dangerous and unstable”.

They added that the grills are necessary to protect the mines’ rare bat population, which is protected by law.

Anybody who witnesses people entering the mines has been urged to alert police.

A spokesperson for the force said: “We have recently received reports of persons gaining access to the disused mines in Box Woods on Quarry Hill, Box.

“We would like to remind people the mines are private property and the grills are there to prevent access as they are dangerous and unstable, as well as to protect the rare bat population that live in them, which are protected by law.

“If you see anyone trying to or having gained access to the mines, please contact Wiltshire Police.”