Plans have been revealed to reduce the speed limit on a Wiltshire road to 40mph to prevent crashes on the route.

Wiltshire Council has launched a public consultation on the introduction of a 40mph speed limit along Horton Road, on the edge of Devizes.

If approved, the new scheme would see the current 40mph zone, which ends near the roundabout linking the road to the A361, extended along the route until just past the turning into Marlborough Close.

Motorists are currently able to travel at speeds up to 50mph on that section of Horton Road.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The speed limit on Horton Road is currently 50mphThe speed limit on Horton Road is currently 50mph (Image: Google Maps)

The council believes the proposal will reduce the risk of danger to people and traffic using the route in and out of the town.

A spokesperson said: “This speed limit extension has been proposed with the intention of reducing the risk for both pedestrian and motorists of collision along the length in question.”

Residents have been invited to comment on the ongoing consultation before a decision on the proposal is made.

This will last until March 18.

During this time people can voice their opinion by emailing, by post at County Hall in Trowbridge, or by completing an online form on the council’s website.