A Wiltshire resident claims he is saving hundreds of pounds a month on energy bills and driving costs by going green.

63-year-old Robin Clapp is saving over £200 every month after installing solar panels and an EV charging point at his home in Corsham.

The changes, combined with a new boiler, have improved his home’s energy performance certificate (EPC) by two bands, from a D to a B.

Mr Clapp has also used OVO’s ‘Charge Anytime’ EV tariff to help reduce his fuel bills from £90 to £20 a month.

He said: “We installed an EV charger and solar panels because, if it’s going to save me money and benefit the planet, I’ll do it.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Robin ClappRobin Clapp (Image: OVO)

“I’m expecting to make almost £1,200 back on my solar investment this year… better than any interest I’d make on a savings account.

“I think all new builds should have green technology built into them.

“I’m saving money even in winter.”

New data from OVO claims over two-thirds of home buyers are looking for houses with green installations to improve energy efficiency.

Improving a property’s EPC from F to C could increase its value by 15 per cent, according to Rightmove.

OVO has identified insulation, solar panels, and air source heat pumps as upgrades that could save people money and add value to their homes.