Revised plans for over 100 homes on the site of a historic town centre brewery have drawn criticism from residents and councillors.

A public consultation on the latest proposal for the regeneration of the old Wadworth brewery, on Northgate Street in Devizes, came to a close on February 12.

Residents and councillors remain concerned the scheme could negatively impact the nearby Assize Court.

New plans were submitted to the council in January, 2024, after developers Backhouse Housing made alterations to the original scheme put forward last June.

The latest design proposes 101 new homes on the former brewery site alongside retail, community and workshop spaces.

The development would retain the Grade II listed brewery tower but would see the demolition of the more recently built industrial sheds.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The design for the new development in DevizesThe design for the new development in Devizes (Image: Backhouse)

Devizes Town Council has objected to the scheme due to a lack of provision for affordable housing and several concerns over the design of the new housing complex.

This includes fears the “poor design” of the development would crowd out the Assize Court, which is set to be transformed into a museum in the coming years.

The Devizes Assize Court Trust agreed the proposed scheme has “fundamental defects” which “threaten the future” of the building by affecting access to the rear.

Councillors also claimed parking provision was poorly designed and added the new buildings would not be in keeping with the flow of New Park Street.

Residents at the nearby Anstie Court retirement complex have also raised concerns that the new builds will pose an “obvious invasion” of their privacy and block the light to their homes.

Other locals worry the additional housing will add to traffic congestion at an already busy junction.

Despite the objections, Backhouse says the designs have been created in consultation with the local community and stakeholders.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The proposed development in DevizesThe proposed development in Devizes (Image: Backhouse)

In their design and access statement, the developers said the scheme will enhance the historic brewery, following Wadworth’s move to their new site on Folly Road.

It read: “This development is set in an area of excellent transport accessibility… it is an ideal location for a high quality residential scheme.

“The design aims to re-instate the site’s historic former residential use and create new links and green spaces for current and future residents of Devizes to enjoy.

“It brings a prominent site, soon to be unoccupied having been in industrial use for many years, back into the use of the residents of Devizes.”

Backhouse was contacted for comment.

Wiltshire Council has set a deadline of February 19 to determine the application.