Motorists crossing the historic town bridge in Bradford on Avon are being forced to swerve into oncoming traffic to avoid a huge pothole.

A giant pothole has developed on the Town bridge at Bradford on Avon causing motorists to serve around it to avoid damaging their wheels.

The pothole is on the north side of the bridge, facing traffic crossing from the south side of the river.

Cllr Caroline Thomas, Wiltshire Council's Cabinet Member for Transport said: “The pothole on Bradford on Avon Town Bridge was identified by our technician on Thursday and was prioritised for repair. Our contractors repaired it on Friday within 24 hours. 

“In January, 4,770 potholes were reported to us, many were duplicate reports, but we repaired 1,399 during the month and are continuing to repair potholes as quickly as we can based on priorities set out in the Wiltshire Highways Safety Inspection Manual.

“We have received an extra £3.6 million for the repair of potholes from government in 2024/25, plus £5.2m committed over the next two years from the Department for Transport’s recently announced Road Resurfacing Fund, following the cancellation of HS2.

"This funding is in addition to the £20.7m the council receives each year from the Government’s Highways Maintenance fund to manage the road network in Wiltshire.  

"We have also allocated an extra £10m over the next two years for a road resurfacing programme that will help to prevent potholes and other highways defects across all areas of the county. The investment will also fund more small, local repairs to verges on rural roads.

"While other councils around the country are cutting budgets, our robust financial position means we can invest much more than the government funding allows into the things we know are really important to people - filling potholes, resurfacing roads and emptying gullies to help prevent road flooding.

“This is all part of our Business Plan commitment to have vibrant, well-connected communities and to invest in our highways network.

“The changes won’t happen overnight but, over the coming months, people in all areas of the county will see more resurfacing work, and more potholes filled as this multi-million pound investment is implemented.”