River levels remain high in a Wiltshire town centre after flood warnings were issued in the surrounding areas.

Heavy rain hit Wiltshire on Thursday, February 8, when more than half a month's worth of rain fell in just 24 hours.

The downpour has left water levels high on the River Avon in Chippenham town centre, where a flood alert was issued on the morning of Friday, February 9.

This alert covers the river from Avenue La Fleche through the town centre and beyond the Monkton Park area.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: A flood map of the Chippenham areaA flood map of the Chippenham area (Image: Environment Agency)

The Environment Agency is continuing to monitor rainfall and water levels in the area, but the River Avon is expected to remain high throughout Friday and Saturday despite peaking on Friday morning.

Act now flood warnings have been issued for the River Avon immediately to the south of the town centre, from Avenue La Fleche, and to the north from the Calne Chippenham Railway Path.

While water levels were due to peak on Friday morning, the Environment Agency warned that they would remain high during the weekend.

Low lying land, particularly around Reybridge where the road was closed by the council due to flooding, is at risk of being affected during this time.