Restaurants in and around Wiltshire have been anxiously waiting to hear whether they have been awarded a Michelin Star.

The official 2024 list of restaurants given the prestigious award was announced on Monday, February 5 and restaurants included in the list are seen as some of the best in the culinary world.

This year, two Wiltshire restaurants have made the cut and been awarded a Michelin star, and three restaurants neighbouring Wiltshire that are just an hour away.

If you’re looking for a meal out and want to visit the cream of the crop, here are the very best restaurants within an hour of Wiltshire.

Restaurant Hywel Jones by Lucknam Park, Colerne

Executive Chef Hywel Jones from the Restaurant Hywel Jones in Colerne has retained his Michelin star for another year.

Hywel has held a Michelin star since 2006, and the Michelin guide describes the restaurant as “country house dining at its finest – opulent, formal and sophisticated.

“Expertly crafted dishes reply on classic techniques but have a light, modern style, and ingredients are luxurious and of top quality.

“Structured service comes with as much polish as the silver.”

“It is an honour to retain such a prestigious award for yet another year,” said the accomplished chef.

“Maintaining the same high standards that guests have come to expect when they visit Lucknam Park is of the utmost importance to all of us who work in the Restaurant."

Bybrook, Castle Combe

Headed by Executive Chef Robert Potter, Bybrook in Castle Combe is the second restaurant in Wiltshire to have been awarded Michelin star status.

The restaurant has been described by the Michelin Guide as: “One of the last true country house hotels.

“Quality produce plays a pivotal role in the tasting menu, which results in a flavoursome blend of simple and premium ingredients.

“Dishes are precisely prepared and deliver refined, classic combinations with modern overtones.”

The restaurant is located in a 14th-century manor hotel with 365 acres of garden and parkland, and takes its name from the river that runs through the hotel grounds.

Osip, Bruton

Osip, is a small farm-to-table restaurant located in Bruton, just outside Wiltshire in Somerset.

The unique restaurant has removed menus from the dining experience, so guests come and put their complete faith in the kitchen.

But the Michelin star awarded to the establishment makes it clear that the chefs know exactly how to deliver.

“A thriving market town plays host to this elegant restaurant, which is owned by forward-thinking chef, Merlin Labron-Johnson, and run by a chatty and welcoming team, who are clearly passionate about its farm-to-table ethos,” the Michelin Guide states.

“The set surprise menu is mostly plant-based, with almost all of the produce home-grown or locally sourced.

“Dishes are harmonious, with bold natural flavours and an effortlessly assured elegance. Wine pairings are organic and biodynamic.”

Olive Tree, Bath

Olive Tree Restaurant in The Queensberry Hotel is just a short drive out of Wiltshire but offers a ‘best of the best’ dining experience.

Executive Head Chef Chris Cleghorn has been at the restaurant since February 2013 and was awarded a Michelin star in 2018, which he has retained in this year's list.

“Start with a drink in the delightfully British ‘Old Q Bar’, then head down to the surprisingly airy, modern restaurant where chef Chris Cleghorn brings an innovative, personalised approach to his cooking,” the Michelin Guide states.

“Colours, textures and flavours are used to full effect in refined, creative combinations which have plenty of depth and, while they may appear simple, that’s all part of their skilful make-up.”

Bulrush, Bristol

Owned by Chef George Livesey, Bulrush combines Anglo-French cuisine with Japanese and Scandinavian influences to offer a bespoke six and nine-course tasting meals.

The Michelin star restaurant is tucked away in the small neighbourhood of Cotham and “Although it might appear quite modest, this neighbourhood restaurant is a sweet spot, with an appealingly relaxed, cosy feel,” says the Michelin Guide.

“Top-notch seasonal ingredients are either foraged or organic, and preserving and pickling play a key role on the imaginative, well-balanced and deftly prepared tasting menu.

“Combinations are original and provide plenty of contrasts and flavours are clear and natural, with the occasional Japanese influence. The astutely chosen wine flight creates the perfect partnership.”