Police have caught scores of speeding motorists in one day at a new location in Wiltshire.

Officers from Wiltshire Police were out and about in several parts of the borough last week, targeting some of the roads residents had raised concerns about.

But on Thursday, February 1, 2024, police officers from Malmesbury decided to head to the new site of Lea Crescent in Lea, hoping to catch speeding drivers.

The tactic of lying low in a new location did not fail, as officers issued 15 notices of intended prosecution for excessive speeding that day for motorists driving above the 40mph speed limit.

14 of those drivers will now be offered a speed awareness course, and one driver will face a £100 fine and get three points on their driving license.

"Proceedings will now be undertaken to ensure the most appropriate outcome for the offenders takes place, which includes checking for MOT, Insurance & Point Totters," said a spokesperson for Wiltshire Police.

"Captured footage will be analysed for other offences like seat belts and mobile phone use."

Speed checks are regularly carried out across the county by the speed enforcement team, in an attempt to crack down on the 'fatal five'.

This includes speeding, drink and drug driving, not wearing a seatbelt, using a phone while driving, and careless or dangerous driving.