A Wiltshire police station is due to relocate as part of a £90 million redevelopment scheme for the force’s headquarters.

Plans have been announced to invest over £100 million into the Wiltshire Police estate over the next ten years.

This will include a £90 million investment to deliver the redevelopment of the force’s headquarters in Devizes.

As part of these plans, the Devizes policing hub will be relocated to the existing headquarters site and a new operational policing site, training facilities, and administrative office space will be created.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Devizes Police StationDevizes Police Station

Nearly £20 million will be spent on building a new dedicated policing hub in the south of the county, near Salisbury.

Police and Crime Commissioner Philip Wilkinson believes the new estate strategy will help officers respond to incidents “more effectively and efficiently.”

He said: “To fail to invest in our police estate would increasingly become detrimental to the policing serviced received in our communities and to maintain old, legacy, buildings at huge cost would not be a justifiable use of public money.”

The force’s Chief Constable Catherine Roper agreed that the plans would give officers greater visibility in their communities.

She added: “I believe this strategy will enable my officers and staff to demonstrate our commitment to having a physical presence in our communities.”