Marlborough's incoming mayor has revealed she is determined to celebrate everyday heroes and help the vulnerable after her own history of hardship.

Councillor Kym-Marie Cleasby, the current deputy mayor, has officially been announced in the top job for 2024-2025.

Speaking to this newspaper, she praised the town’s generosity and revealed that she plans to spend her mayoral year supporting the vulnerable in the community.

“The two organisations that I will be particularly supporting during my year as Mayor are Love Marlborough Kids Meals and the Jubilee Centre,” said Coun Cleasby.

“I started Love Marlborough Meals in lockdown after moving to Marlborough in November 2019.

“I had quite a deprived childhood and I knew what it was like for families during summer holidays where it is hard to feed children.

“In my own family, I have had experience with life as a single-parent family too so I was aware of a lot of the financial hardships that would be made worse by lockdown.

“We wanted to give out free hot meals to families as a delivery service without stigma so that it was the same as anyone getting a takeaway on a Friday night and nobody would raise an eyebrow.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Councillor Cleasby (front in blue) pictured at the 2023 Mayor-making ceremony when she became Deputy Mayor.Councillor Cleasby (front in blue) pictured at the 2023 Mayor-making ceremony when she became Deputy Mayor. (Image: Marlborough Town Council)

“We were cooking at two churches and for up to 50 families at one point,” she revealed.

“The Jubilee Centre also looks after the older and more vulnerable residents so I felt like the two organisations book-end Marlborough well.”

Having taken a step back from leading the Love Marlborough organisation, Coun Cleasby now runs her own school catering company alongside her work as deputy mayor on the town council.

She is also a regular churchgoer and finds great joy in her religion and the close-knit community in Marlborough.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Councillor Kym-Marie Cleasby (left) cannot wait to get stuck in with town events.Councillor Kym-Marie Cleasby (left) cannot wait to get stuck in with town events. (Image: Kim-Marie Cleasby)

“When I moved here I have never felt more at home in a place and the way people from all walks of life help each other here is incredible,” added the incoming Mayor.

“No matter whether it’s a mass flooding event or just something simple like trying to find a microwave, I have noticed how willing people always are to help one another here.

“I’m very excited to become Mayor and I am very much looking forward to the mop fair, although I may have to nominate some mini Mayor’s to take my place on the rides.

"I’m also thinking of doing some kind of community champion event because I do want to celebrate all that people do for each other here.

"No details have been finalised at the moment but watch this space."