Marlborough is set to finally be given ownership of its community and youth centre after the town ploughed thousands of pounds into turning it around.

The youth centre, on Salisbury Road in Marlborough, was run by Wiltshire Council up until 2017 and had been left in a dire, almost unusable state.

When the county council looked at demolishing the building, Marlborough Town Council stepped in and promised to turn the place around on a seven-year lease.

The town spent £21,000 rescuing the centre from closure by installing new flooring, lights and equipment.

“It’s an emotional experience seeing it all come together," said Councillor Lisa Farrell at the time.

"It would have been a disaster if it were to mothball after Wiltshire Council got rid of it so this is definitely the right decision."

With the lease set to run out this year, Marlborough Council has now refused another seven-year lease and is now pushing for a full asset transfer.

This will mean that the centre will belong fully to the community, without having to pay the county council.

"A letter was sent by the Town Clerk on November 17, 2023, requesting an asset transfer for a nominal sum, with outline reasons and legal power specified," said a spokesperson for Marlborough Town Council.

"They are willing to explore transfer of the asset at nil value immediately on the basis of an asset transfer document for community use."

However, if the current deal were to be accepted then Wiltshire Council would still take 75 per cent of the net sale proceeds if the building were to ever be sold.