An elderly man was injured during a crash and had to be cut from his car by firefighters. 

A silver Ford Focus and a black Range Rover were involved in a head-on smash on Bank Street in Melksham, in the afternoon of Tuesday, January 23. 

Witnesses said that the smaller car was trying to pull out from behind a parked delivery van when the larger car coming in the other direction, hitting it. 

Following the impact, the driver of the Ford focus - who witnesses described as an elderly man - was injured and unable to escape his vehicle. 

Emergency services responded with police closing the road, and firefighters needing to help free him. 

One witness said: "Firefighters had to cut off the doors and roof of the Silver Ford focus to enable the extraction of the driver 

"He was suffering from a back injury."

Another witness described the scene as 'chaos', adding: "It caused so much traffic, almost all of the roads in Melksham were affected."

Dorset and Wiltshire Fire and Rescue have been approached for further comment. 

Wiltshire Police have also been approached for further comment.