A Wiltshire village frequently named one of the most picturesque in the UK has been branded a “tourist flooded hellhole.”

For many years Castle Combe has topped countless lists and polls of the nicest towns and villages in both Wiltshire and the UK.

But TikToker Philc84, who reviews towns across the UK for nearly 800,000 followers, has claimed the village’s reputation is based on the view of “a couple of journalists who never leave London” and wrote stories based on a particularly scenic photo.

After visiting Castle Combe earlier this year, Phil launched a scathing review in which he said the popular destination was “in with a shout” of being the worst place to live in the country.

He added: “Now this corner of nothingness is condemned to tourists forevermore looking for grid photos.

“I swear to you there is nothing here and yet there is still a coach park… the rest of them (residents) just have to suffer in silence.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Castle Combe, WiltshireCastle Combe, Wiltshire

“To be honest I don’t think I have any sympathy, who the hell moves here? It would be like living in one of the immersive experiences at Disneyland.

“Castle Combe then, don’t bother. Let them be, have a bit of independent thought you bunch of sheep.”

Anger over tourists invading the village is an issue that has been raised by residents in recent months.

Parking in the village is often a controversial topic as visitors flock to the area, while last summer locals revealed that their privacy was being “invaded by drones.”

At the time, pop-up tearoom owner Anna Roberts said: "It is a beautiful village and it's a lovely house but at the end of the day, it is a very tourist village.

“If I didn't run a business from here, we wouldn't want to stay here."

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: A no drone sign in Castle CombeA no drone sign in Castle Combe (Image: SWNS)

Despite this, a number of social media users thought Phil’s assessment of Castle Combe was harsh.

The village undeniably boasts some picturesque views and an impressive range of independent pop-up businesses.

It has also been featured multiple times on the big screen and was used as a filming location for blockbusters like Stephen Spielberg’s War Horse.

In 2021 it was named the prettiest place in the UK.

At the time, a spokesperson for FMB Holidays, which ran a survey of over 160 places in Britain before crowning Castle Combe, said: “This picture-perfect village with its honey-coloured houses is set perfectly within the Cotswolds Area of Natural Beauty in Wiltshire, England."