A former teacher from Wiltshire turned down the chance to play for nearly £100,000 when she starred on a popular ITV quiz show.

Nesta, a 66-year-old retired English teacher from Devizes, featured in an episode of The Chase that aired on Wednesday, January 17, taking on chaser Paul Sinha, also known as the Sinnerman.

By the time Nesta faced the chaser, her three teammates had all successfully navigated the first part of the show.

The trio racked up a prize pot of just £7,000 after Welshman David from Neath sparked frustration amongst viewers by taking the low offer of minus £1,000.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Nesta from Devizes on The ChaseNesta from Devizes on The Chase (Image: ITV)

After answering a respectable five questions correctly, Nesta was given the choice of playing the chaser for either £1,000, £5,000, or a whopping £93,000.

The Wiltshire native opted for the middle option and told host Bradley Walsh that she planned to spend any potential prize money on some new solar panels for her property.

But these hopes were short-lived as the pensioner answered just one of four questions correctly and was quickly sent packing by the Sinnerman.

Despite Nesta’s disappointing exit, her team was able to triumph in the final round when Paul Sinha narrowly failed to catch their target score of 17.