Roads through Marlborough town centre have reopened after the town was submerged underwater.

Multiple fire, ambulance and police teams were called out to the town on Friday to help residents out of their houses using boats, and some were seen fleeing on foot with suitcases.

Although the flooding has now been cleared and the majority of the town is operating as usual, businesses on The Parade and Kennet Place have been left devastated.

Walking through the streets, which are piled with water-damaged books, sofas and residents' worldly belongings, it is clear that Friday was a life-changing day for many.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Waterlogged books have been piled up on the street outside a bookshop.Waterlogged books have been piled up on the street outside a bookshop. (Image: Newsquest)

"I wasn't actually here when it started flooding because I was held up in traffic, but by the time I came down here the water was already several inches above the door and had flooded the entire ground flood," revealed Christopher Gange, owner of The Katharine House Gallery which sells antique books.

Stacks and stacks of Christopher's books now lay outside his shop in a water-logged heap.

"We are drying the whole place out at the moment and most of the ground floor has been left in ruins and the carpets all removed, but the upstairs is fine.

"Luckily the most expensive and antique books were on the highest shelves so they weren't damaged, but the lower value books were hit badly and many things are not salvageable.

"It will definitely be several more weeks before I am able to look at reopening," added Christopher, looking around in despair at his livelihood.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The damage to Christopher's business will take months to fully repair.The damage to Christopher's business will take months to fully repair. (Image: Newsquest)

Across the road, D&R Furnishers is another business which is closed until further notice due to flood damage, and continues to battle water and humidity as condensation lines the store's windows.

"We were quite lucky because it didn't come inside the cinema, only a few meters up the driveway," revealed Izzy, manager at The Parade Cinema.

"We had to refund the whole day and so only suffered monetary loss, but for our neighbours and other local businesses the damage has been horrific and they've truly watched their companies and homes fill with water."

Other residents who stood outside of their homes next to piles of their belongings said that they had never seen anything like it, and described the town as looking 'like a war zone' in some parts.

Now that the majority of the water has been cleared, Wiltshire Council, Marlborough Town Council, and the emergency services are continuing to work with residents to help repair the damage.