A Wiltshire town is now beginning to pick up the pieces following the worst flooding it has experienced in many of its resident's lifetimes. 

Marlborough was hit particularly hard by heavy rain from Storm Henk, leading to the town council undergoing an emergency response. 

Now the local authority has issued an update on where things are at after rising water levels left several parts of the town impassable. 

In a post on its Facebook page, the council said that on Saturday, January 6,  the floodwater started dropping, so they can begin to sort out the devastation left behind. 

A spokesperson for Marlborough Town Council said: "Now that flood waters are subsiding we are liaising with Wiltshire Council's emergency planning team to co-ordinate recovery actions to deal with the clean-up.

"On Sunday, 7 January a street sweeping vehicle will attend to clean the flood affected part of A4 London Road, The Parade and Kennet Place.

"Please give them unrestricted access by removing all vehicles by 8.45am on Sunday.

"We will provide further updates as plans develop, including the removal of water damaged property.

"Thank you to all those residents who have come forward to offer to help. Once the major clean-up actions are complete we will take a view on whether smaller, local plans are required and this is where we may put out a call for volunteers to get involved."