A gang of burglars armed with axes and baseball bats have stormed two stores in Marlborough and Pewsey.

Costcutter on St Margaret’s Mead in Marlborough and Spa on North Street in Pewsey were both victims of a joint burglary that took place at around 1am on Wednesday, January 3.

According to Susan Connolly, owner of the Pewsey store: “There have been numerous attacks of this kind lately around the area.”

“We are lucky that at this time of night no one was around, otherwise the police could have been investigating a murder.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: CCTV footage caught the raid on camera.CCTV footage caught the raid on camera. (Image: Andrew Connelly)

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The trio were carrying axes and baseball bats.The trio were carrying axes and baseball bats. (Image: Andrew Connelly)

The gang, dressed in balaclavas and gloves, first broke into the Marlborough store just before 1am and are thought to have stolen items and cash before leaving in a white Ford Focus car.

The Pewsey convenience store faced a similar attack approximately 20 minutes later, and the owner has praised Wiltshire Police for being at the scene within just nine minutes.

The force has now reassured members of the public that enquiries into both incidents are ongoing.

"We appreciate the concern that incidents like these cause in our rural communities," said DS Gareth Snoad.

"Our response officers were quickly on the scene and our dedicated burglary team is now investigating these incidents.

"Please be assured that burglary remains a force priority.

"If you witnessed anything this morning or have any information then please report it to us on our website or by calling 101."