Sainsbury's has received criticism over some of the Christmas cards it is selling, which have been described as ‘disgusting’.

Colin Hagan says that he complained to the manager of Chippenham Sainsbury’s after spotting swear words on their Christmas card.

The card, which reads ‘How is it f****ing Christmas again already?!’ is part of a collection of ‘adult Christmas cards’ produced by Sainsbury’s this year.

Other designs include images of a scantily clad Santa and phrases such as ‘tit’s Christmas’.

One card, which has created national outrage among vegans, was removed from Sainsbury's shelves after it featured an image of two pigs in the snow, with the text reading: 'Don't worry, I hear we're getting some blankets.' 

But according to the manager of Sainsbury’s Chippenham, the other 'adult humour cards' won’t be removed as they have been approved by Sainsbury’s Head Office.

"I was told that they had this discussion with the board of Sainsbury's and they decided it was okay to display them," said 76-year-old Colin.

“It’s plain disgusting. Just how low can standards go?

"I'm just shocked that we have this gutter language appearing on Christmas cards now because Christmas for me is a religious holiday and so we shouldn't be using language like that," he added.

"I'm really annoyed that a place like Sainsbury's would even have that on display.

It's a family grocery shop, not a joke shop. I imagine founder John Sainsbury would be appalled if he could see it."

The Chippenham local is not the first to raise a complaint about the festive card display, as Anthony MacDonald from Trowbridge also complained to the supermarket about the cards.

Anthony said he would go so far as to consider boycotting Sainsbury’s after he was “so upset and appalled by it.”

“My grandchild could have read that. A five-year-old being exposed to this sort of literature is simply not acceptable."

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson responded: “A couple of festive cards with adult humour were displayed in the wrong place at our Trowbridge Store.

“We appreciate this being brought to our attention and they have been displayed in a more appropriate way.” 

However, the supermarket has given no indication that their cards will be removed or are in any way 'wrong', and have only apologised for the unfortunate placement on some shelves.