Families who have lived in a Wiltshire village for decades have been informed that their homes are being sold and they must move out.

Many of the vulnerable residents who live in Clyffe Pypard, five miles from Royal Wootton Bassett, only found out that their homes were being sold by Green Square Accord when they were told by a neighbour.

The housing association says it will rehome the tenants affected, but there is no other social housing in the village so residents will likely be forced to leave.

“One house is home to a man in his 90s, and another family have a son who is wheelchair bound,” explained parish councillor Chris Rickett.

“Their house has had modifications to accommodate this, and they’re now facing being moved.”

According to the parish councillor, the homes are being sold because they are “substandard” and the housing association have “failed to maintain them.”

“The tenants are good people who’ve lived in our community for decades,” she told the Gazette and Herald.

“During this time they have battled, unsuccessfully, to have maintenance work carried out on their homes.

“The registered social landlord appears to have abandoned its duty of care for its tenants.”

The first couple to be informed of the sale received a letter from Green Square Accord and were then told over the phone that all five social houses on the street were being sold.

But the other four households only found out that their home was being sold via their neighbour, as they did not receive any letter until two weeks later.

The tenants have been given no official date for the sale, and are currently awaiting further news.

Clyffe Pypard resident Lynda Withey says her affected neighbours are now in a “desperate situation.”

“One resident has lived in his house for 65 years and he is deeply affected by the possibility of having to move,” she said.

“Another is a Ukrainian lady who moved in about three months ago having arrived in this country with her two children due to war.

A spokesperson from Green Square Accord has said: “Following a recent survey, it was clear that the level of long-term investment needed to bring the homes up to the required standard isn’t sustainable for us.

“We have written to customers to let them know we intend to sell their homes and arrange a meeting to discuss their future housing needs.

"We will work with all customers to make sure they can find a new home which meets their needs; either with us or another provider. All eligible customers will also receive a compensation payment as a result of this disruption."