A developer who last year announced plans to build new affordable homes in Marlborough has faced further backlash from councillors and residents alike.

Aster Group say the proposed development would be built on land already owned by the housing association on St Martins Road, replacing York Place.

This came after a review identified York Place, which was built in 1972, as "underperforming”.

If plans go ahead, the current houses for the elderly will be demolished and Aster says residents currently living there will be supported to find alternative homes that meet their needs.

“We provide a mix of affordable housing options to meet different customer needs and this site will be no exception,” said Sarah Durrans, regional director for Aster Group.

They added that the new homes would go some way to meeting the affordable housing need in the area.

However the plans, which were rejected by Marlborough Town Council at first but but since been revised, have left locals disgusted at the "lack of thought" put into resident needs.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: York Place is currently used as housing for elderly residents in Marlborough.York Place is currently used as housing for elderly residents in Marlborough. (Image: Dave Cox)

“I do feel that the building will be an improvement on the existing York Place. But my biggest issue is that people moving into these homes will need parking,” commented Dave Crucefix, who lives near the development.

“If they were built as open market properties this would be provided. So why are we providing affordable housing without the benefits we would offer to open-market housing?

“The site is overdeveloped and overcrowded. It seems entirely wrong to me."

Currently, the developers claim that one parking space per two-bed dwelling is adequate with none for one-bed dwellings. This is their justification for the limited number of parking spaces available – 18 spaces for 28 homes housing 43 residents.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Residents say the addition of three new parking spaces is not enough.Residents say the addition of three new parking spaces is not enough. (Image: Wiltshire Council)

Sarah Greenwood, who says she sees first-hand the large number of vehicles trying to park in the town each day, added:

“Parking is a huge issue for the existing community in Marlborough. This development will make it so much worse.”

Speaking about the revised plans, Marlborough councillors say they are against the idea of reducing parking spaces for those in affordable housing.

“ONS data shows the South West has just 13 per cent of households without a car – most of which are in relative poverty or living within urban areas with reasonable travel options,” a spokesperson for the Town Council has stated.

“Neither of these will apply to future residents of York Place, as the affordable rents/purchase prices would be applied in one of the most expensive towns in the county.”

The plans will go to Wiltshire Council planning committee on Thursday, January 25 at 3pm.