A Wiltshire village has been left devastated after their resident geese mysteriously disappeared, with at least three feared dead.

The village of Upavon has long been known for a gaggle of geese that wandered the village freely for over 20 years, after their previous owner left them behind.

While the group has changed in size and population, six birds remained until late November when three suddenly vanished, before the remaining geese mysteriously disappeared days later.

Villagers fear at least three of the geese may have been killed, although no bodies have been found.

A witness allegedly saw a “green van” mount the verge where they are often spotted, leaving behind tyre marks.

Parish Councillor Tony Gallagher said: “There have been a few accidents and incidents over the years but nothing serious until this.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Upavon geeseThe Upavon geese (Image: Cllr Tony Gallagher)

“It was reported to us that three geese had been run over and killed, we knew those geese had gone but the last I saw of the other three they were making their way down to the river.

“After that we saw no more of them, it has been a complete mystery, we don’t know what’s happened to them.”

For two decades the geese made themselves at home along Andover Road, between the River Avon and some farm buildings.

Their disappearance has left a noticeable hole in the community.

Cllr Gallagher added: “Even those that objected to them making a mess have been very vociferous in expressing their anger at what has happened.

“They had become the symbol of the village and an integral part of village life… it’s a considerable loss.

“They have simply vanished and been completely wiped out in three days, so it’s a strange place without them.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The Upavon geeseThe Upavon geese (Image: Cllr Tony Gallagher)

Cllr Gallagher says the incident has been reported to police, who reportedly informed locals no crime had been committed.

Wiltshire Police say that, while they would like to investigate, no formal reports of theft or damage have been made.

The force appealed for any witnesses or those with information to come forward and help their enquiries.

In a post on Facebook, a spokesperson said: “Your local officers are aware of an issue concerning the Upavon Geese recently.

“At present, we have received no formal reports of theft or damage, but we understand that there is some public concern about this situation.

“We would like to investigate what has happened, but we will need some information from any witnesses or people with knowledge.

“Please email devizesareacpt@wiltshire.police.uk with any information and your contact details.”