Emergency crews from Wiltshire Search and Rescue were called out to a Somerset caravan park that was so deep underwater that services from across the South West were needed.

Flood teams from Wiltshire, Dorset and Hampshire all attended the incident overnight near Yeovil, alongside Avon and Somerset Police and the Exmoor Mountain Rescue team.

The flood water was reportedly up to 5’ deep in places, and the welfare of around 100 residents was at risk.

Multiple residents and their pets had to be transported by boat over the flood water after caravans were left underwater and electricity and water supplies out.

The five teams deployed had never met but worked alongside Westlea fire service to locate residents, assess the severity of their situation, and transport people to safety.

Those residents extracted from flooded caravans were also checked over by paramedics.

Speaking about the severity of the overnight rescue mission, a spokesperson for Wiltshire Search and Rescue said:

“We train to the same flood rescue standards as all the emergency services in the UK.

“The importance of this was massively apparent last night; despite having never previously met the vast majority of those involved before, we were able to work together seamlessly, confidently and efficiently.”