There are problems for motorists at rush-hour in Marlborough as the town faces the repercussions of multiple road closures on the same day.

George Lane, Kingsbury Street, Rawlingswell Lane and Cold Harbour Lane have all been closed to allow for repair works in Marlborough.

The closure of George Lane, which could last up to five days, looks to be causing the most traffic trouble as it blocks off one of only two major roads that go from one side of the town to the other.

The closure, to allow Thames Water to carry out emergency mains repairs, has put increased pressure on the High Street.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Motorists are queueing to get in and out of Marlborough.Motorists are queueing to get in and out of Marlborough. (Image: Google Maps)

On top of this, there are roadworks taking place on Kingsbury Street for Wiltshire Council to repair the frontage of property Number 1.

Rawlingswell Lane has been temporarily closed until December 8, for Gigaclear to “carry out excavation of a narrow trench to install ducting in the carriageway and footway,” according to Wiltshire Council.

Cold Harbour Lane has been closed for the same reason.

AA Travel maps show that traffic is currently queueing to get in and out of Marlborough, as well as heavy traffic on Salisbury Road, Herd Street and the High Street.

Single file traffic causing the normal chaos in Marlborough. Merry Christmas everyone especially the people that sanctioned this,” said Bob Grice, one of many frustrated locals.