A man in Trowbridge is considering boycotting Sainsbury's after asking staff to remove 'inappropriate' Christmas cards displayed in the store.

Anthony MacDonald said he was shocked and horrified to find the rude cards displayed next to the children’s toy aisle, and he believes that Sainsbury’s has crossed a line.

WARNING: The article contains explicit language 

"I have always shopped at Sainsbury's for over 50 years and I liked them because they had a reputation for integrity and standards,” he said.

“But when I came across these cards, I could not believe that they would use the F word on a card that was displayed to the public.

“The cards weren’t even displayed on the top shelf or anything, they’re literally at a child’s eye level, and children’s toys are in the next aisle.

“My grandchild could have read that. A five-year-old being exposed to this sort of literature is simply not acceptable."

The cards include phrases like 'tit's christmas' and 'how is it f*****ng Christmas again already?' as well as a picture of a scantily Father Christmas.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: Anthony MacDonald could not believe his eyes when he spotted these Christmas cards in Sainsbury's.Anthony MacDonald could not believe his eyes when he spotted these Christmas cards in Sainsbury's. (Image: Anthony MacDonald)

Mr MacDonald said he was so appalled that he asked to speak to the manager of Sainsbury’s Trowbridge, who told him the team would look into the issue.

But he said when he went back the next week, the cards were still on display.

“I may consider not going into Sainsbury’s anymore because I’m just so upset and appalled by it,” said Mr MacDonald.

“I know that you hear teenagers F-ing and blinding in the streets in Trowbridge these days, but to have inappropriate language officially displayed in a shop is just so wrong on so many fronts,” he stated.

A Sainsbury’s spokesperson has since responded: “A couple of festive cards with adult humour were displayed in the wrong place at our Trowbridge Store. We appreciate this being brought to our attention and they have been displayed in a more appropriate way.”