A flood alert has been issued near Swindon after bursts of heavy rain hit the town.

Showers broke out across Swindon during the morning of Monday, November 27, and further rain is expected to fall throughout the early afternoon.

A flood alert has been issued for the River Thames and its tributaries, including The Marston Meysey Brook and The Downington Brook, in the area to the North of the town, between Cricklade and Lechlade.

While property flooding is not expected, residents have been warned that flooding of low-lying land and roads remains possible.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The flood alert area North of SwindonThe flood alert area North of Swindon (Image: Gov.uk)

This is due to the impact of previous heavy rainfall, which has left river levels high but falling gradually.

Locals have been urged to avoid low-lying footpaths near watercourses in the area.

River levels are also high and rising on the River Ray at Water Eaton.

Elsewhere in Wiltshire, further flood alerts have been issued for the Upper Og Valley, between Marlborough and Swindon, and the Lambourn Valley catchment to the East of the towns.

Despite forecasts of continued light rain, water levels across these affected areas are expected to continue to fall slowly over the coming days.