A couple have been left "disgusted" after they discovered that their disconnected electricity meter was still running and potentially overcharging them hundreds of pounds.

Kevin Jordan, 66 and Sue Sahin, 67 live in Royal Wootton Bassett and have spent months frustrated by the handling of their current situation by British Gas who supply electricity to their house.

The pair first noticed the issue as they were having an extension and as a result had to have a new electricity board installed at the end of July.

As this was being done, their electricity meter, which is located in their garage and measures the amount of electricity they are using, was completely disconnected.

Despite being disconnected, they found the meter was still running. The pair have said that all of the workers that had been called to sort out the issue by British Gas had never seen anything like it.

Sue said: “It has been an absolute nightmare, and the nightmare hasn’t ended. It is absolutely unbelievable.

“It is stressful, very stressful, we just want a bit of peace in our life, we know we pay our bills, we are paying for something we’re not getting.

“It is just not good enough.

“We don’t know how much money it is costing us.

“It is frustrating my partner likes to pay his bills and get on with his life, he doesn’t need all this hassle of people calling and then not coming, somebody is not doing their job properly.”

Kevin and Sue are extremely concerned as to how much extra they are being charged, particularly as it was first installed in 1996. Kevin has lived in the house since 1985.

The couple called British Gas and arranged for a smart meter to be installed after the extension work.

They say a worker came out a few weeks later and informed them that if the original meter would then be thrown away, they would not be able to calculate if they had been overcharged. Therefore, they were recommended to arrange for an accuracy test which could measure whether they had indeed been overcharged or not.

The man was unable to carry that out while he was at the house, so the couple called and arranged an accuracy test.

The couple say British Gas then sent another worker out on Monday, November 13 to fix the issue however he had not been informed that he was to carry an accuracy test and was just informed that he was to install a smart meter.

The couple say they were frustrated by this as they had waited months and the issue was still not resolved.

They then called on Tuesday, November 14 and were put through to a woman who told them that she was located in South Africa and could not pass them on to a senior manager.

The woman told Sue and Kevin that they would not be able to get an accuracy until January which they said was unacceptable.

A British Gas Spokesperson said: “We're sorry we were unable to resolve this sooner and we’re reaching out to Mr Jordan to arrange an appointment to test the accuracy of his electricity meter.

“We’ll make any necessary adjustments to his meter readings once this test is complete and we’ll install smart meters to help him better manage his energy use.”