Devizes MP Danny Kruger, has co-published a damning statement accusing the Conservative Party of “walking away” from those who voted for it in 2019.

The statement was written by Kruger and Miriam Cates on behalf of the New Conservatives, a right-wing parliamentary group founded by the pair in May 2023.

The group claim to stand for “the realignment of British politics” through “a new era in which Westminster respects the views, values and interests of the British people.”

Their five pledges include banning gender ideology in schools and halving the number of visas awarded to migrant workers, foreign students, and their families.

A source told Sky News that 30 people attended a New Conservatives gathering after the dramatic Cabinet reshuffle that occurred on Monday, November 13.

The changes saw James Cleverly replace Suella Braverman as home secretary and David Cameron take over as foreign secretary.

The following day, Kruger and Cates published their statement expressing their concern over the decision.

They declared their intention to begin directly raising funds and recruiting supporters to help their members with their election campaigns for 2024.

They also indicated they will continue to campaign for a new framework for asylum policy.

The New Conservatives concluded: “Since 2016 Westminster has failed to understand how the world and Britain are changing.

“In 2019 the people voted for a government that respects the values and interests of mainstream Britain; that defends our borders and preserves our sovereignty in an age of uncertainty; that upholds modern Britain’s common sense attitudes towards sex, gender, race and religion; that defends free speech and free enterprise, and works to support families and local communities; a government that believes in our country, its people, and their future.” 

Jacob Rees-Mogg retweeted the statement, calling it “the right approach”.

Meanwhile, Kruger told GB News that they are "not trying to cause trouble" or "destabilise" the Government with their letter but called for the Government to "honour the commitment that we all made as MPs standing on that manifesto in 2019".

He added: "We want the policies that reflect our manifesto commitment, and there are very large numbers of people on our side in Parliament on the back benches of the Conservative party too - and frankly in Government too - who share our concern.”

Kruger has been the MP for Devizes since 2019 when he took over from fellow conservative, Claire Perry.