Police in Melksham could not believe their eyes when they spotted a motorist driving a car down the road - with the front end missing.

Officers from Wiltshire Specialist Operations team were out patrolling in Melksham when they came across a black Peugeot driving down the road with an exposed front half and wheel.

Images released of the car show several parts of the front including the bumper completely gone, so that the engine inside is exposed.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The damage on the passenger side of the car.The damage on the passenger side of the car. (Image: Wiltshire Police)

The covering had also been pulled off the front passenger side wheel, and other defects included a loose wheel hub and damaged wheels.

It doesn't take a mechanic to figure out that the car wasn't roadworthy.

But officers say that when they pulled over the driver in Melksham, the driver "didn't see the issue with driving around like this."

The driver has now been issued a traffic offence report, and has been prohibited from driving the vehicle.