XTC’s Colin Moulding has revealed what happened to the title character from the band’s biggest hit song.

The band were formed in Swindon in 1972 and went on to enjoy national and international success over the following decades, and are one of the town's most famous exports.

1979’s ‘Making Plans For Nigel’, written and sung by bassist Colin, was XTC’s first major hit and tells the fictional story of Nigel who grows up with overbearing parents.

Now over 40 years on, Colin has revealed what eventually happened to Nigel in a recent chat with the Adver.

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: The original single release of 'Making Plans For Nigel' on vinyl.The original single release of 'Making Plans For Nigel' on vinyl. (Image: Atlas Records)

“Nigel probably works in a bank or something now,” he said.

“I had forsaken my education as I desperately wanted to do music but my parents were totally against it because they thought I should stay on at school.

“I had a dream and I just wanted to be a professional musician so that’s really what the song is about: not to be dominated by people.

“His parents want to see him in a sensible job but Nigel wants to follow his dream.

“Poor sod, he was just suppressed but you don’t blame your parents because they’re just trying to do what they think is right.

“So yeah, I followed my dream but maybe Nigel didn’t.”

After spending 11 weeks on the UK Singles Chat, the release marked the band’s commercial breakthrough.

“I had a golden period around 1979 writing for the band and we hadn’t had a hit as yet so it was very nice,” said Colin.

“Andy was really the principal writer until we were signed and then I think one of the roadies said I should write.

“So I took up writing and I kind of hit the jackpot straight away more or less.

“I had no preconceived ideas and that’s a good thing because when you don’t know what you’re doing, good things happen.

“I shot from the hip, hoped something was there and it was.”

The Wiltshire Gazette and Herald: There is now mural in Swindon dedicated to XTC's 'Drums and Wires' album which featured 'Making Plans For Nigel'.There is now mural in Swindon dedicated to XTC's 'Drums and Wires' album which featured 'Making Plans For Nigel'. (Image: Dave Cox)

Unlike Nigel’s future, the single was not planned to be a hit but that is why the song was a success according to Colin.

“I don’t think any writer knows what they’re on to really,” he said.

“If you know what’s coming next that’s no good as it’s got to be slightly out of your reach and you’ve got to let your imagination and subconscious take over.

“If I think of something in the night that comes to me through my subconscious, I have to write it down because I know that’s where the good stuff happens.”